Friday, February 6, 2009

There is Something in me that SpeaKS

I may be speechless,” but there’s something in me that speaks”. I even hide my feeling to someone I love. But let my actions speak.
I’m always speechless, wordless, and coward to speak out. It’s my weakness… Yes, I can’t afford to talk to someone face-to-face, talk and confess” but there’s something in me that speaks…”

Many people sometimes don’t understand me, many may conclude that I have no emotion-totally empty but I tell you “… there’s something in me that speaks…” I may be angry sometimes, especially when I can’t understand why I’m sad without any reason… again, “there is something in me that speaks” Now you will ask me about... How's life? Well no body can understand me. But if you look closely... if you'll spend time to know them better... "You will know me. I swear.

This is my simple way of self expression- through drawings.
I just want to thank God, though He didn't give me the "sweetness of words" to speak but He granted me this talent to speak out "more than words".
God Bless.

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