Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Perfect gift to God

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What we are in God is the most precious gift we can give to Him. It’s not how mush we have… how successful we are… or how good we are, it’s a matter of pureness of our heart and the boldness of our heart. Through true worship and humbleness of our spirit… truly we can glorify God. Repent and start a new life. Start it today. BE a perfect gift to God. God Bless.


sweet_shelo said...

Oh nice quote sis..

In the churchlife sis , the years we've spent or the things we've done are not important.. What's important is how much Christ has been added into us// That is then your best gift for HIM..

Bill said...

This is a great post my friend. Have a great week,

Leo Mar said...

I totally agree, with all the blessings that we are receiving from God, we should at least strive to be worthy of God's love.
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