Saturday, February 7, 2009

Planning for a Lesson Plan

I'll start doing lesson plan

Okay. I should have prepared for this day. I should have to plan all my schedules, the task that I should and the rest time that I supposed to earn was all ruined. Well, I don’t know why the time runs so fast. It’s quite difficult for me to do the multi tasking. I should have done all these work and start planning and doing my lesson plan. Yes, I admit that this time I’ve been resting for a while but my mind keeps in working and thinking of what will I do next. Maybe it’s a matter of immunity. My mind and my body were already immune with the work and task- in short… stress.
Let see… well, what am I supposed to do now? I think I should start planning my lesson plan. LOL. Do I have to plan my lesson plan? Yes. It should be. I’ll be a future teacher so I should start planning from now on. I’ll be having a demonstration this Wednesday and I will make sure that this will going to be all right. God Bless.

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