Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Adios SuperM

Manuel Chua of "Fear Factor Philipppines"

Our super hero was over powered by his kryptonite. Unfortunately, “Super Manuel” did a wrong move in a stunt. His fight in “Pinoy Fear Factor” was over. Manuel Chua Jr. a.k.a. “Super Manuel” has ended up in his fight for the title “ultimo participantes” (ultimate participant).
I was so sad because my favorite participant in Fear Factor Philippines was eliminated. But still I’m so happy and proud at him because he did a great job. He performs incredible-stunts and he did a lot of world records. Though he was eliminated, but in my heart, his still my “big winner.” Whatever it is, I still believe in his fighting spirit all this time. Manuel Chua is the newest super hero. Just keep on going. Keep on fighting.
I just hope that I can see Manuel more on TV. God Bless all.
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