Saturday, February 21, 2009

My Chance to have a new Earrings

Thank God it’s weekend. It’s the perfect time for me to stroll around the city and shop. I hurriedly went to the city today. I had money this time, so it’s the perfect timing for me to buy that earrings I found last week. It’s been a long time before I had the time and money to buy those beautiful earrings. The earring’s design is a key and a lock in the other side ( a key paired with a lock). I do really love that one but unfortunately, when I come back it’s already been sold. I was a little bit desperate and telling myself… “If only…” it would be nicer and more fulfilling for my side.
I’m not that totally sad at all. There will always be another chance for me to have a beautiful and high quality of Jewelry that suits my personality. This will be fun because, I loose something I love to have but still there are more available and affordable jewelry in the net. There are dangled earrings, neck lace, rings, bracelets etc. Well, I don’t spend too much for jewelry, but if I love the design, I will do my best to have it. What I’ve learned today is that, if you love something… then, go for it- before it’s too late. But always be in the right track. God Bless.

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