Sunday, February 15, 2009

She just Love to Run

my sister & my cousin @ Milo Marathon

Lately, this morning, I was so glad to see my sister participated again in the annual celebration of the “Milo Marathon”. She was just a 10 years old yet, she has a passion to run and be in the race. This is her second time to participate in this competition- together with our cousin John Paul.. At 5 AM she woke up (excited for the event) and my mom accompanied her (as a moral support). Me? Well I think I was just sleeping at that time.LOL.
She loves to run, and she will never be tired doing it… I know it. I know that she has the determination to win, to be part of the race. I’m so proud on her, though, she was the second… (from the last) LOL but still as she gains that confidence and perseverance to finish the race is her greatest victory. I’m so happy to see her doing this kind of stuff. It seems like she became more mature and responsible girl now.

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