Friday, February 6, 2009

A need for an Eyeglass

Sometimes when we are too busy in our work, we became unconscious about our health. This is what I’ve been experiencing right now. It’s not new to me to sleep at dawn. When it comes to work I work overnight. I worked lately for my CAD projects, encode and work for a sample flyers and brochures. It’s all about working in front of the computer.
Sometimes, I suffered from migraine and it really difficult. Mostly the cause is from my eyes. I’ve been complaining about my eyes and it really made me sick. I cannot survive working on the computer for about 4-5 hours because it causes me headache. My mom told me to have some eyeglasses. She told me that I need to have it due to my severe headache all the time. Yes I think I need that too. Though it’s another expense for me but, when it comes to health aid, I’m willing to try.
Lately, I stroll around the city but unfortunately, I can’t find some new style of eyeglasses. I also looked for good quality eyeglasses  because my dad suffered some eyeglasses problem before. His eyeglasses- newly bought eyeglasses- were broken. It is brittle and not so good when it comes to lenses. So, that’s what I will consider “the quality” this time. I've been trying to find some high quality eyeglasses online and I think I found the right one. I love the designs. Zennioptical offers new eyeglasses that are in good quality and in affordable price. Choose you're design

God Bless.


Mentor said...

Grabe ang lupit ng intro. Graduate ka ba ng PCU?

Anyway, can we have an exchange link with mine.
give me a comment back poara maremind ako

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Lord CM said...

Hello po, napadaan lang..naexperience ko na yan, ilang years na ang work ko eh nakaharap lagi sa computer pero bihira sumakit ulo ko at di pa nman nalabo mata ko...nung minsan nagpalit ako ng monitor, dun nagsimula lahat, sakit ng ulo, pati mata ko nagluluha...sinubukan ko maggamot pero pag tumagal na ako sa harap ng pc, sasakit na nman ulo, hanggang sa maisip kong palitan monitor ko...ayun!!!ginhawa na ngayon 10 years na akong nakaharap lang sa pc, work ko un eh :D ...pero ok pa nman ulo ko saka mata lolzz

try mo rin, walang masama...malay mo nasa monitor mo lang problema nyan

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