Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I’ll sleep Early Tonight

Don't Diturb! 

my sister took this photo when I was sleeping last night... LOL

Many of us today are very much serious in making our task and projects to submit and catch-up for the deadline. It’s not bad to work hard and do some overtime for a work at the wee hours of the night. But we must prioritize our health. It’s very important to look after our health.
Actually why I’m telling this is that we must take good care of our time and our health. This evening, I was planning to have some rest. I’ll plan to sleep early tonight. Maybe I’ll be in bed at 12. Huh? Sound like a crazy thing… but I’m doing it for almost two months. 12 o’clock in the evening is the earliest time I’ll be in bed- lately. I almost sleep at dawn… maybe around 2 or 3 AM in the morning. Yes, that’s my daily routine.
Actually, I was planning to stop that kind of habit because lately, I’ve observed that my body was affected. I became more anemic and sometimes my eyes sore and my body will almost faint. Shocks! What did I do to my health? I just hope to God that this bad habit will end. So, I’ll end it up here because it’s almost 12 and just as I’ve promised to myself… “I’ll sleep early tonight”.

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maxi said...

i've been promising myself that, too. there are days when I succeed sleeping early while there are days when I can't just go to bed as promised.

anyway, hope we can exchange links one day.. been trying to ask you about it many times but i haven't heard anything from you about exchange link possibilities. hope we can do it this time

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