Friday, February 27, 2009

Dare to Share Jesus

It’s good to be with Christian friends. It gives you some encouragement and inspirational thoughts or encouragement. Christian friends are God’s gift to us. We need every Christian to reflect, to inspire each other and to be a part of this Christian community. It’s our time to be part of the family. Dare to share Jesus and show to the world that He reigns.
I was inspired by this new Christian community I just fount in the net. The LDS Chat Room gives a space in the net to speak out and connect with every Christian around the world. God is within us, but through technology and internet, sometimes we forgot our things that we should do as a Christian… to spread the word. Through Christian chatting you can have the chance to access to the different people who seek to know God.
For me, this is a healthy exercise to grow as a healthy Christian. If you’re down and dismayed about the world tells Jesus and He will give you company. God can comfort you in many ways, sometime we are so blind that we didn’t realized it. Sometimes, He sends people to give encouragement and enlighten you. All you have to do is open the door and break the wall that separates you from the love of God. Be inspired today. Open some opportunity to meet Christian people, I know they will help you to know God. God Bless.

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