Saturday, May 30, 2009

Summer Youth Camp Verse

I am Not ashamed of the Gospel
 because it is the power of God for the Salvation
 of everyone who Believes.

Romans 1:16

God Bless.

Online Live Computer Training is Available for You

Do you wish to enroll a computer training online?
Well, I do.
I really want to know more about computer. Available training courses can provide you high quality learning. My sister was fixing our computer lately this afternoon. She installed our computer printer and installing different programs. How I wish I could also do this things and learn IT. I always wish to enroll in a computer training school but I wasn’t able to do it because of my busy schedule on my Degree course.
There is always a way in getting to know about computer even though you have work and job to do. E-learning today is possible. We can always do. If you have the determination to learn computer, why not grab the opportunity? It is already possible now a day.
Opportunities in learning computer are everywhere. Well, friends’ good news, online live computer training is now available in the World Wide Web. I was browsing the net when I found this interesting site. I was fascinated with its high quality training services. This site offers wide variety of Online Live Computer Training and IT training services. This time, business, work, and distances can never hinder us from learning high standard computer training.
Keep going everyone. Keep in touch always and God bless.

Back to School Resolution

Hello friends. Well, I did have a good time during our youth camp. My summer was really fun and enjoyable. I was happy because the camp was successful, but I was a little bit sad because classes will start on the first week of June. Though being in school is good, but I just wish to extend more time for my summer vacation.
Since classes will start in June I have to prepare for the back to school event. I have to enroll on Monday and then this Wednesday, classes will start. I listed all my “back-to-school resolutions” and to sum up everything, its main goal is to do better and do well at school. I just saw my evaluation of grades lately and I thank God for my grades but I want to improve more especially some of my subjects got a low grade.
I got low grades in some of the subjects like Educational Technology- tackles particularly on computer education. Though, I’m good at computer but there are some areas in it which I do not know. I want to do well in different academic areas and this coming school year I wish to enroll on a computer classes. It is good to learn different technical skills to enhance your knowledge in Science and in Technology. Knowledge and skills are one of the assets to be competitive in today’s employment and job hiring.
Do your best in everything you do. Keep going. God bless.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Camp Shots

Pictures can speak. Here's my happy photos during Camp.
Good Day. God bless.

Health Check

I’m back from last week’s youth camp. Well, I’ve been there for five days and I’m very much happy and I really enjoyed the moment. I was glad because it is an opportunity for me to grow as a Christian. I meet a lot of friends and fellowship with them. The place was good and the foods are delicious.
I’m at home now and I’m craving for my favorite foods to eat. I just wish that mom will cook my favorite dish tonight. Speaking of favorite dish, mom cooked my favorite chicken adobo. Wow it’s really delicious.

It is important to be health conscious this time. After the camp, I learned that we have to take good care of our body and to our health. But as I’ve noticed that I always eat chicken, beef and pork meet and I never eat fish meet. Our body needs to have Fish oil omega 3 fatty acids. Check out for the new food supplement that fits for you. Do you know that fatty fish may help prevent memory loss? And omega 3 is also good for your health. I should really have to take food supplements this time because health is wealth.

Stay healthy and live a happy life.
God wants us to live a healthy life. Our body is the temple of God so we must take good care of it. Keep going. God bless.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Camp,Camp Time

Tomorrow will be our Summer Youth Camp and I was so excited about it. Well then, I just hope that it will be fine. I’m looking forward to grow as a Christian. I hope this camp seems to be a memorable one. I’ll be out for 4 days… but then just keep in touch with my blog always. Keep going God bless.

Last Day of my OJT

Well I feel so sad about it. Today, I’ll end-up my OJT (on job raining) this week. Though, I was just working at our school's office ( clerical services) but I learned to love what I’m doing. And the people whom I used to get along with. I will always treasure the memories that I’ve been here. And I will always remember the time used to work as an independent girl. I worked as a real and fully grown up individual. With my boss’s help, it will never be complete.

Ma'am Carole and Ma'am Lorie

with Ma'am Josie

Surely I will miss the place and the people I used to be a part of my “Summer Life”.
Keep going.

IT Boot Camps: Anyone?

I was alone in my room. I was thinking about my future plans. My dreams and ambitions…
I was glad because I realized that I became more mature and more responsible this time. Before, I never dreamed and I don’t even have goals in life. I always go with the flow. Without proper planning, I easily decide for myself.
Now, I learned to build up my dreams. Lately, we had discussions with mom and I told her about my plans in life. With my mom, I confessed all my desires in life. I’ve shared to her that, after I graduated, I want to enroll to other course taking up IT courses. It’s more on technology and art courses. I loved to explore the world of Information Technology and its arts.
When I read about IT certification boot camps program, I just come up with the thought that we can still learn new things and we should never stop learning. This will give me the idea to grasp opportunity to study computers and its field. IT boot camps is the perfect place to learn from certified instructors who will make you a certified high quality IT skills.
Well I think setting up some goals can keep your journey moving. You can never walk in a path without a purpose why you are walking. Always keep in mind that we are the one who choose which way to go. SO, always make a right decision and make it a fruitful one.
Keep going. God bless.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Coughs and Colds

Yeah I suffered severe cough and colds lately that’s why I feel uncomfortable and sick this afternoon. I don’t know but I just don’t love to take some medicine. Plus headache (a complete package indeed) LOL… well I just wish that I could cope up with it because I still have work tomorrow. 
Maybe tomorrow I'll be okay.

I just pray to God that I will be fine tomorrow.

Friends, just take good care of your health okay? Remember “health is wealth”.
Well then, I’ll "sign out" early today. I just need to take a rest- for awhile. 
I’ll just catch up with all your regards and visits tomorrow.

Keep going.

My First Salary Check

Hello. I am so glad today because I’ve already received my first Salary check from my summer job. Well it’s good to know that after your hard work you will now reap what you have planted.
Well, what will I do for that money? I want to make it as a souvenir but I think the best way to do is to cash out it and put it in a bank. Just make sure that you know about bank cd rates. It is where you can monitor bank rates and find the best rates.
Save money and let your money grow. Then, experience wellness in life.
God bless.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer Trip to Ozamis

Me and my Cousins

We're going home :(

I really enjoyed ths trip, together with my cousins, t s so much fun. 
Enjoy your summer break with your family and friends. Relax and make your day a "BIG day".
Keep gong. 

At Home

Lately, I was alone at home. My two sisters was out- I think they went at my grandmother’s house and my mom was out in the mall- to buy some groceries. Sad to say, I was left alone at the house … and I was quite bored in doing nothing. I just wish to do something interesting today.
There’s no internet connection at that time and there are no good TV programs. I really felt sick. I just wish to relax but our house was so messy. I just wish to have a house just like in the Austin Realtors. I’ve seen it in the net and it’s really awesome. I think the home that was made is great as what you’ve dreamed about. Surely you will find great opportunity in finding the right house and relaxing home for sure and the right people dealt with high quality service and excellent work.
Keep going.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Young Love

Young Love ( a confession)
Young Love?





Our subject for today is young LOVE.

What kind of love is it?
They say,

- it’s a mix emotion and feelings that you don’t even ask your mom about it.
- it a thesis statement during your sleepovers to do your term papers
-it is like, writing her first name with your last
- crying with your favorite pillow without any reason at all (you just feel like doing it)
- it is like going back and forth to the mirror to check if your okay
-borrowing his notes to know his penmanship
-keeping an eye on him whenever he’s doing P.E (physical education) class
-asking for his perfume to know his scent
-keep on thinking on him in your 18th birthday
- doing F.L.A.M.E.S in your notebook- name match (it’s a Filipino game)
-you can't do your home work because you keep on thinking on him/her
-I’ve already memorized his/her 11 digit phone number

………… what else can you remember when you were still young at  heart?.............

I’m open for your comments. Colorful thoughts and experiences from you is widely accepted in this post.

Love must be experienced. Its meaning is infinite and can never be totally defined.
It is important to stand in Love, not fall into it. Please be guided about this feeling. Because sometimes you were deceive with intimacy and affection. Young love… it is good but let it grow, nurture it and wait for it to bear fruit, and then you can harvest the true meaning of… LOVE.

Always remember God love you and He wants someone that is right for you. Don’t rush to find love. Let God find it for you. Stay calm and relax. In fact you are still young.

Christ Notes- May 10, '09

Do everything in love.

1 Corinthians 16:14

A Tender Loving Care for Babies

How was it to have a baby in the house? Well, that’s a little tough in our part. Taking good care of a baby is hard. I remember my sister Marilou-when she was still young- we can’t even sleep at night because she always cries.
I reminisce the moment because Litlit (my colleague) was complaining about this matter. He was late this morning because he was stressed with the baby’s cry overnight. That was his newly-born niece and he can’t complain about it- so he just forced himself to sleep.

Well, the best thing that he should do is make the baby more comfortable. Maybe the baby is hungry, then, feed him. But usually babies need some comfortable place to stay or sleep. That’s the reason why we have to invest and buy some Baby Bedding for our little babies where they can play and be themselves. Babies need some crib at the same time pillows, smooth bed sheets, toy organizers and etc. With just a perfect set of baby beddings and accessories will already shows some comfort to your little ones.
Babies do need extra care and comfortable place to have. I just wish that I had this kind of baby bedding before- when I was still a baby.LOL.
Keep in touch with your loved ones. Appreciate them. Keep going.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Nail Makeover

Hello everyone. Well I was a little bit tired today because I went home late at night. It’s raining too hard outside and I can’t go home early because all the transportation vehicles are full. So, when I got home I feel ease and relaxed. We ate together with my family and I’m glad and blissful for the food that my mom prepared to us. After our dinner, we watched TV at the living room. My mom was lying at out sofa while I and my big sister were busy doing some nail art in our fingers as well as in our feet. Though, it’s raining outside, we choose to give our nail some makeover.My sister used to have a neon-color on her forefingers- my cousins and I were playing a prank jokes in her weird nail colors.LOL. Since tomorrow will be her scholarship-application interview she has to remove that funny color in her nails. That’s the reason why we were busy the whole evening doing some simple nail art.
To establish formal and good looking fingers, nail polish will do. Well, it’s good to make it simple but more pleasing in the eyes. With the help of nail polish and little bit nail art, she will be more confident for tomorrow’s interview.
I just wish her luck.

God bless.

Friday, May 15, 2009


I just feel bored today. I keep on thinking about the things I’d love to do (watch TV, read books, play comp. games, drawing) but none of them comes into reality. I can’t help myself but to stay all day in the office doing my summer job. I just want to sleep at home-I’m sick- but I can’t. I’m at school’s office doing some clerical work and my stomach is in revolution. Help!
But we had a great snack today. For today’s menu… well ma’am Josie made some abana shakes and cookies. Oh, I almost forgot, I have colds today but I still eat those forbidden food and snack.LOL. How I wish I could take some pictures of my life in the office- especially our foods- but I’m just too lazy today.
I just wish that this boredom will ease as I start my day tomorrow.
Keep going. Though I’m lazy sometimes, but please keep in touch with my posts. Thanks. God bless.

Let’s Talk About Gold Coins

I was leaving the house to work in our school’s office today and I really feel sick. Yes, summer job really makes you feel bored sometimes- every time you face the same routine everyday. During my summer job, I realized that earning extra income is not that easy as I expected. You have to work hard to earn. How I wish that earning income is just like finding some gold coins in the streets.
Speaking of gold coins, gold coins can give pleasure to our eyes. That’s maybe the reason why I’ve been interested when I open the website that gives some information about gold. This site fascinates me a lot. It is where I can buy gold coins and access about gold ira transfer. In life, we have to look something that inspires us. It keeps me believing that someday, somehow, I can afford to buy gold bullion and buy gold whenever I want it.

In working, gold symbolizes “hard work”. Before you can have a pure gold, you have to start collecting and mining big stones. With Gods help, gold is just everywhere.

I just wish that this post seems to be inspirational and inspiring.
Energize your day. Keep going and keep working for success. God bless everyone.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Christ Notes- May 12, '09

Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For everything in the world -- the cravings of sinful man, the lust of his eyes and the boasting of what he has and does -- comes not from the Father but from the world. The world and its desires pass away, but the man who does the will of God lives forever.
1 John 2:15-17

"Keep going. Learn t love God above everything."
God bless you.

Menu for the Day: Rice Noodles

After the office hours- at school’s office- here we go again… we had a great afternoon-snack just the way I loved it. For today’s menu, we have here rice noodles-just enough to delight our cravings.
Have a happy day. Eat, eat, and eat. Be healthy.
We were hiding at the kitchen (me and Litlit- just incase our school’s dean will arrive. You know seeing us eating is somewhat bashful scene for us.
But I've enjoy eating it. :)
Keep on moving. Enjoy. God bless.

Beware of the Signs

Hello friends. How’s your day?
Well, I worked the whole day as an office assistant at our school. Yeah, quite bored, but this day I enjoyed roaming around the city with Litlit (my colleague). Ma’am Lorie told us to buy for our lunch today- just a birthday treat for us. I’m glad because I had a chance to go out in the office and wander.
It seems that my excitement just lighten up when I felt the summer heat. The sun is so hot and vehicular traffic just worn me out. It seems that we just ignore the Traffic Control Devices and cones just to get rid of a long hot and narrow way. We just used some short-cuts this time. We even violate some Vehicular Warning Lights as well as traffic lights. At first, we were enjoying what we are doing but later on, I realized that we were absolutely wrong. It is being made just to insure our safety. Personal Safety Products are made for pedestrians as well as commuters and drivers. Safety traffic with high quality traffic signs is made for a purpose and we should not take it for granted. I felt sorry about what I did a while ago.

I know it’s wrong. I just keep myself aware of the government law and the law of God. Keep going I hope you can learn from my mistakes. Keep gong.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Computer is at Risk… Help!

Ah, I was facing this kind of problem… again and again. Almost everyday I always get irritated with our slow-dumped- trash computer.LOL. Well, I was just kidding. I just over described it maybe because I feel irritated in its performances. Because every time I’ll do something (office work, blogging and internet browsing) it takes so long after you’ve load a page or a site. Yeah, it is over used and it needs to be re-formatted. I just keep on blaming myself because I cannot do anything to fix it. I don’t know about these stuffs, that’s why I always wait for someone to diagnose it. My cousin, Marky (which is an It student) promised to do the task and fix it for me. Well, it’s somewhat difficult for him to find time to fix it because of his busy schedule at school- his summer class. But I’m still looking forward to that promise. LOL. Anyway, thanks to my cousin.
This week I hope that my PC will be okay and I’m hoping to bring back its normal mode. The next time I’ll encounter with this problem, I just hope that I already have pc diagnostic tools and data recovery software. Well, I just found this in the net while I’m searching for solutions on my PC problem. If you have the same problem as me, then check this out.
Keep going everyone

Relax and HAve a Break

I was so tired today. We clean up and cook in the office. I worked at our school as a student assistant- that is a part of my OJT. We celebrated ma’am Lorie’s birthday (one of my boss) - which is supposedly yesterday. Well that’s fine to us because we want to give her time to celebrate her birthday with her family.
I’m glad for today. Though the work in the office is quite tough but working with them seems to be the enjoyable one. Almost all of us were very tired today. I just hope that I could have given myself a time to relax- just like what ma’am Carole did in the morning. She just gives herself a massage. She hired reflexologies during the morning.
I know that I have no time to do that during the day. So I just try to deal and try some yoga after the working hours. I’ll just do it by myself- to save money .LOL. Yoga is a kind of traditional physical and mental disciplines which is done to meditate oneself. Doing some yoga with a Crystal Singing Bowls is much better. I just found out that these bowls were used as a support for meditation- those unique singing bowls can produce sounds.
Yeah I was quite curious about it so check it out. I hope this singing bowls plus yoga can ease my weariness for the day.
Keep going every one. God bless.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Thank You Mama

I want to thank my greatest Mom in my life. "Happy Mother's Day" mama.

To all the moms, truly, this profession is surely the greatest, yet the hardest, career you will portray. We are so proud of you and truly, moms are really the best.
To my mom, thank you. In everything, I give glory and honor to God for giving me such a wonderful mama in the world.
Being a good daughter is the greatest gift that I can give... and I'll keep working on it to be worthy gift to you.

Keep going. God bless.

Facts about Web Hosting

How can you secure your site’s success?
Well… most of the time, web hosting is one of the important asset that you should consider.
When I was new about blogging, I was quite confused about these things.
What about web hosting? Web hosting is about providing internet services to a certain individual or organization to come up with there own web site- which will be available to the internet world.
See? That is why, it is very important for all of us- who have goals for site’s success- to be aware of this things especially in choosing the best web host. You may choose the best of today's Best 10 Web Hosting Sites.I hope this will help you in staring your new site-just like my friend who just asked me awhile ago about it. So, choosing the best web host is one of the best assets that we should consider.
Keep going. God bless.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thanks Giving

Let everything that has breath praise the LORD. Praise the LORD.
Psalm 150:6

God Bless Everyone. Keep going. For more inspirational Bible verse, you can visit  Christ Notes.

Keep going and be blessed everyday.

Friday, May 8, 2009

When they say… “I Do”

Hello everyone…
Well, I was so busy in my OJT at our school’s office.
Getting along with the people you just met- a month ago- was a quite hard for me to do. Yes, I get used to mingle with them (my boss’) and I’m glad that they are all friendly to me. Ma’am Lorie, Carole, Josie and sir Jingle – they are my boss’ but they didn’t show to me that they are superior.
We usually get along together when Ma’am Lorie asked me about any suggestions for her wedding day. She’ll get married this year and we are all busy for the preparation. We are all helping her to search for the best stuff in her wedding- the food, cakes, dresses, restaurants, gowns and most especially wedding rings. She had already the engagement ring but she’s still looking for the best and finest one to use when they exchange vows at there wedding day. I just hope that she’ll find the best wedding ring for both of them.
God bless to Ma’am Lorie and to her future husband.

Fire- 2NE1 (MTV)

Hello friends, check this new Music Video out… 
I keep on watching this MTV sice yeaterday.LOL.
it's a nice video.
This is the newest Music Video from 2NE1- a Korean girl group. I just love the beat and the totality of the song. Sandara Park is also a part of the group. Sandara Park was first discovered as an artist here in the Philippines. When she go back to Korea, her homeland, I was just surprised seeing her in this wonderful music video.
Keep gong everyone. Enjoy watching.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sports-Stadium Ticket Privileges Online

What is the best thing to do this summer? This summer, it’s good to relax and do some sports activity. Lately, I just watched a volleyball game at the gym. Though I love sports but I cannot play any sports so, I’m just contented watching it. Maybe, just like me, you cannot play sports but you love watching it so this will be an interesting post for all of us.
I love to watch football game as well as baseball game. Anything about ports seems to be an interesting thing to me. But sometimes I also got problems in terms of ticket reservation, ticket buying and purchasing it. Do you know that, today, you can already purchase tickets in an easy way, hassle-free and money-saver way in availing tickets.
Well, it’s just good to know that there are now available online ticket purchasing. Just like for instance, I found an ad that offers
Angel Stadium Tickets available online. Truly, this one is pretty much good than the previous ticket purchasing. Some of its available offers – for football lover- Dodger Stadium Tickets and Minute Maid Park Tickets.
It’s just good to know that people are using technologies- like online accessing- to make our work more convenient. And its good to know that there are available sites that are willing to advise, negotiate customers and help them save buckets in purchasing tickets in a play or sports game.
I just wish that this post seems to be helpful to us who are sports lover. Keep going my friends. Enjoy the summer and god bless.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Christ Notes- Nov. 6, '09

I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

Galatians 2:20

Have faith. You are no longer a sinner but Christ lives in you as you repent. Paraise God. Keep going. 

Business Matters

Do you want to earn a greater income?
Do you wonder why, how much you’ve tried to make things out in your business but still you are not yet capable in doing it?
This will be your time to shine.
Why do I say so? Please consider this post as an open door to come into a greater opportunity to success. So what will be the important steps to follow?
I know, somewhat, it is really good to be a part of today’s successful-young entrepreneur and marketers. Business entities are very much particular planning, organizing and marketing. If you don’t know about these things, then you are still eager and motivated to have it, then, Joshua Fuson will be a great help for you. What about it?
I know that many students, like me, are very much willing to earn extra income to meet your needs and one of it is to have business. Then you to be equipped before you’ll start it….
Well establish a good plan. I had a friend before and she had really established a productive and good jewelry business. I’m just amazed on how how’ve he’d made it. This helpful website is also working out to help the students build their organizations and marketing systems and etc.
Yes, this seem got my interest. I hope you can also pay some time to know about it.
keep going. God bless.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Fireproof- Movie

Well, we had a film-showing at our church lately and I was just so excited to post this one to you.
Who knows, to the married people, this may save your marriage for infinity. Be blessed with this movie. Just spend time to watch this master piece.

So just relax and watch the trailer movie.

Watch it and You'll be Changed

Good day.

Upgrading IT Skills

Again and again it’s been a problem to me. I’m talking about our computer. Really, this seems to be burden to me. Our server got stuck and it really didn’t perform well. It always ruins my excitement to use computer and update my blog. Sometimes I just loose my mood to update my blog every now and then. Well, I think I have to make a way to bring back the interest and motivate myself again. Now, what’s the problem with it? Well, it’s just so happen that our computer’s server just didn’t work accurately. It is very slow when it comes to downloading and processing.

I’m just looking forward for an online windows 2008 training that will upgrade my knowledge in an IT world and upgrade my skills with in this matter. By the time that I’m updated with these new windows 2008, maybe the problems regarding with my computer is solved. This generation, it is very important to make some steps to upgrade your knowledge and skills in the IT world. There is nothing wrong to learn new things and learn to work on it. So we may start learning about the next generation’s server operating system with just one-step ahead- by just enrolling in an online training.
Don’t stop believing and don’t stop learning. Because the things you’ve learned yesterday is just an inch of what you will learn tomorrow. Face the horizon, you can learn as far as you could.
Keep going. God bless.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Once Upon a "SUMMER" Time

Hello friends. I got these photos from my dear friend Beth, so I got to grab this stuff to share this exciting trip with you. My college classmates or I better call them as friends are really a joy + laughter + fun to be with. Our trips (with all our crazy ideas) is really irrevocable.
So I’m just looking forward to finish all our OJTs together and hang-out again. Yes, those photos makes me miss them all... :( 
But I'm glad to have and be in these photos indeed.
So just keep going. I hope you may find this post more interesting.LOL.
Miss you all friends. See you soon…

At the Fastfood Restaurant...  Jollibee Time
"Nature Adventure"

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