Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spectrum Chandelier

I was so shocked when I got home from school today. Well, I don’t know why it seems to be so dark inside our house, though, it’s not that totally dark but the amount of light is not enough to cover the whole living room. It’s maybe because our main source of lamp is busted so we have to use our small fluorescent lamp from my room. It really irritates me because, I don’t really like dark places it’s somewhat uncomfortable for me because of my eyes. My eyes are not totally okay. So that’s why I stay in my room and sleep than roaming around our house. I think mom should have better choose the best lamp this time.
You know what I do really wish to have a chandelier in our house. For me, chandeliers can add elegance in your house. My grandmother’s house used to have chandelier in their house and honestly it looks great. Maybe we have to replace it with an elegant style of chandelier if ever we’ll replacement for our busted fluorescent lamp. But if you are looking for more beautiful chandelier, here’s a new style of chandelier… experience the ambiance of royalty in this Urban Outfitters Spectrum Chandelier. The spectrum color truly gives beauty and sensual effect of light and design.
God Bless everyone. Live a colorful life always.


jenifer said...

Love this colorful chandelier!! It's truly nice and elegant!! Right choice for decorating living room area of home!!

Debbie said...

Great chandelier would best compliment a great Dining Table.

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