Thursday, February 12, 2009

Moon Light

I want to feel the coldness of the night. My feelings are just like the cold breeze- it blows yet you can’t touch it. It’s like the moonlight, you can see it, yet you can’t have it. I’m sad. The moon looks like I’m near to it, but i realize that it’s too far from me.
It blows me down. It keeps burning me inside. I don’t know why this feeling keeps me hurting. I hope this won’t last. Inside in me is the total sadness. I’m sad and it hurts. It’s like seeing the moonlight and yet you can’ have it. You feel like it’s near but you’ll realize it’s too far away.
Where’s the light? I can’t see it, but I’m still not satisfied. I’m down, I don’t understand… I almost have it, but why is it that I’m sad… maybe, it’s matter of healing this time. Maybe, I just longed to be happy this time, despite of the darkness that isolates me tonight. I just pray to God.
God Bless.

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