Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Smiling Cofee-Cup

Hello friends, I think it’s already midnight here in the Philippines. And almost the people here are all sleeping. I think I’m the only person who is still awake in these wee hours of the night. It’s probably not a midnight anymore but a dawn. Yes, I’m alone but I can still fight the sleepiness and stressed eyes and body. Well, I just look at it in a positive side… I think it’s going to be great time for me. With a cup of coffee and cream, I think it’s much better. I need to be awake maybe until 4 AM.
Oh God, I can't stay longer at 4. Thanks to a cup of coffee that my mom gave me a while. She gave me some helpful tips to prevent your body from drowsiness and laziness. Well, I think that was really effective. Now, you might wonder why I’m still doing some overnight even though it’s so tiring.
I really enjoyed watching this photo. I’ve seen this photo in the net and it’s probably a unique and unusual photo of a mug or a coffee cup. Actually, this is my first time to see this kind of a coffee-cup. Well, it’s the new and latest model of cups… why not? Psycho Studio smiling coffee and tea cup is the perfect gift for you to bring out the joy and happiness to the people- especially it has a smile face in it's shape.
“When it comes to technology and business, everything revolves from the old one to the new one. So, seeing this photo, actually it gives me an idea to have some coffee and with this beautiful coffee-cup.
Have a happy and great time to us. God Bless.


Bill said...

Maybe it only has half of the caffine.

Anonymous said...

gusto ko nito. sana meron na rin sa mall. id love to have one :)

Accent Furniture To Go said...

I love the half coffee cup. So cute and unique. ~~Dining Tables

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