Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How to get rid of this?

My sister and I are planning to renovate our house, mainly at portion of our room. Since we still have extra money, we want to make it concrete to get rid of all those termites living at the wall. Our house is not that huge and it is made up of consecrate and wood. Inside our house, mostly, it is made up of wood and ply wood. And I’m no ashamed that it was attacked by termites. You know termites are so irritating. I don’t like them either- especially inside our room.
Sometimes we apply termite control to get rid of it. But there are time we, experienced that it doesn’t make a change at all. So be guided in what are the best ways to control it. You don’t need to concrete your house just to get rid of it.
Always remember… “Cleanliness started at home”.

1 comment:

Ginoong Ang said...

i hate it when termites destroyed my books. hope you get rid them for good!!! it's hard to find good termite control in the philippines.

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