Friday, February 6, 2009

I’m in the Right Position

I feel good today. Well everything is doing great. We had already started our exam and the results… well I’m more assure on my answers. I had already accomplished half of my projects so I was glad for that accomplishment. I know there are more work to do and more task to accomplish but I still thank god for being so great to me that He never leaves me, in times that I was down and weak. When I’m so tired with those entire overnight projects still… I survived from that challenge.
As they said, with all those wounds… there are scars. A scar that tells a story that… I survived. Now, I’m quite stronger and more active. I’m sitting with a great perspective... thinking of what comes next.
I’m more convenient and more relaxed today. I just want to greet you a pleasant day. I thank God for giving me some rest. I think I’m in the right position- to sit down and relax and reminisce God's Goodness. God Bless.

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