Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How should I look?

I and my best friend Beth are usually doing some weekly routine every week, we usually wear the same shirt or outfit every Monday and Friday. Maybe were doing this just for fun, but actually, we just want to get rid of those people- we usually call them as “critics”. Because they critic on how you dress-up for that day. Yes, we do really enjoy doing it – every time the people are looking towards you.
I usually had a hard time finding the best outfit everyday. I’m not that fashionable and updated about the latest fashion today. Sometimes, it takes me an hour in choosing my dress for the day. I’m totally out of budget so it’s hard for me to choose the best dress. But sometimes we are tempt to look for a better outfits in the net and I tell you, definitely you’ll longed for it and do some everything just to have it.
I love to dress-up. And I always want to be unique. That’s why I’m looking forward to have the best and unique outfit everyday, especially now that I’ve found this AE American Eagle deep v cardigan. It is made up of cotton and it has a v-neck design. I’m totally interested in it. I usually seen this best dress on TV, nut this time I’ll try to have it on my own. Maybe I just have to ask my mom to increase my allowance.LOL.
It’s raining outside, so it also fit for me today. I just hope that I can have it today.

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