Friday, February 20, 2009

Luxurious Style

Let’s try another kind of designs. I was browsing the net to find different designs for our projects. I’m planning to find something unique yet simple designs of furniture for our drawing class. Always remember, furniture reflect our personality. It’s not bad to be luxurious when it comes to house designs, as long as you feel comfortable and relax at your house. That’s the lesson I’ve learned from our teacher when he orient us on how to design a house and it’s interior.
As I’ve seen this design, actually it’s a kind of glass furniture that will surely enhances the real beauty if your house. I’ve found this more interesting. During the time I saw that designs, I become more passionate and motivated to do my design well. It give me a true value of simplicity and beauty.
Me and my sister were planning in purchasing new furniture for our house and I think this is the best designs I found at our house.
God bless everyone and be inspired.

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