Friday, February 27, 2009

Goodbye Spot

Hello everyone. I was so sad today because I realized that spot is not here anymore. Maybe you might ask about spot. Spot is my baby brother. He is our Dalmatian dog but he is not just an ordinary dog for us... he is our baby.
I don’t know why, but last time my mom told us that he will give “spot” to her friend, I thought she was not serious about it until such time he is already gone anymore. The reason why we give spot, because he is already too big and we cannot afford to buy him for food. I was sad because I used to see him when I come here from school. I was sad because I cannot hear his loud and irritating bark. I was sad because I will not be disturbed everyday just to feed him food. Though spot sometimes gives me burden, but I miss it.
Treasure and value anything that comes in your life. For my beloved spot, I miss you.
God Bless everyone.

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