Saturday, February 21, 2009

Westlife and F4... Today

Yes, definitely I’m a fanatic of the two bands F4 and Westlife.
Westlife is my favorite boy-band from Ireland. I think the band was known in the year 2000. It’s definitely a Westlife fever at that time. I collected all their posters and CDs and I love doing it. But, today, I never heard so much of the band so I was so curious about the band this 2009. So here, take a look at these photos. I think there’s really a big change with the band. Bryan McFadden is not part of the band anymore.
Westlife (before)

Westlife (today)
In the later years, I think 2002, the popular F4 come to existing. I was so fanatic with that band from Taiwan. I love them all especially when they play the role as F4 in the movie “Meteor Garden”. So, it’s another boy-band fever here in the Philippines. They call it “F4 Fever” .LOL. But this year, there are a lot of bands today. So I never had seen F4 on TV and heard about their music. It’s maybe because they are from Taiwan. So, what I did, I just browse the net and I found this new image of my so-called Phenomenal band F4.
F4 (before)

F4 (today)
thought: In a span of time, people change. But there's one thing is for sure, the memories that it gives to us is for eternity. They will always be in my heart.

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Clarissa said...

I have known F4,too and they always appear TV shows here in Japan.

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