Friday, February 6, 2009

Lights up your Day

This morning, I woke up late in the morning. I was absent on my first subject because I was so tired this morning. When I started doing my projects again, unfortunately, the current runs out. Actually the there were scheduled brown-out today, but I don’t know about this thing until the computer turns-off. It’s a little bit unlucky for me.
I wasn’t able to pass my project today. I hope there will be other chance for me. 
I was absent from school today. Since there’s n current, I slept and rested for the whole day. I woke up almost 6 in the afternoon and still there’s no current. So what I did is that I got some flash light. It’s another unlucky thing for me, because the batteries are busted or maybe because of the low-quality flash lights. Yeah, it is much better if I'll use streamlight flashlights. That's the reason why, I have to wait for the current to be back.
For better quality flash light, why not use streamlight- it’s actually a high quality flash lights. Yes, this is the most needed and the best stuff during this hour. My cousin uses streamlight flashlight. And it’s in good quality.
God Bless.

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