Friday, March 6, 2009

Talk and Payless

It’s really hard for us to miss our loved ones who work abroad or who are far to us. I think most of us, had a family or friend who worked abroad just to earn extra income. But the most difficult situation is that we tend to contact them often because of too much payment for our phone bill. I’ve known a friend who used to call her dad abroad once a week to minimize their monthly payment for the bills.
Why do we have to suffer to pay for that necessity when we can have VOIP Phone Service? VOIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It offers a fractional cost or even a free pay for your phone bills. It is the same as with the phone but it uses high speed internet to make calls.
So why you have to limit your call we you can have it for more?

I hope that it will help my friend to communicate and keep in touch with her dad. God Bless.

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Brigitte said...

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