Sunday, March 8, 2009

MSU-IIT's Digital Short Film Festival '09

MSU-IIT (Mindanao State University)
2nd Digital Short Film Festival (montage)

Finally, the long wait is over. The 2nd Digital Short Film Festival is here. CineARe in cooperation with the school MSU-IIT (Mindanao State University) had proudly come-up with the artistic films- participated with the different colleges and students of MSU-IIT.
Our school, in cooperation with different colleges did a great job. Though I haven’t seen all the films yet but I think all of them are very interesting. These are the proof that MSU-IIT is one of the Center of Excellent School in the Philippines. The students prove that MSU-IIT students are talented, intelligent and artistic.
God bless for all the participants and the colleges. I wish for all the success. I just hope this will be the good start of the said successful event.

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