Friday, March 6, 2009

Multiplied by Two

I’ll start my OJ (On Job Training) this coming month. But I was a little bit bothered because I still have to pay my whole tuition fee. I still have an account balance of two-thousand pesos or $ 41 USD or something. I hope that I could have made it this time. I still have to gather some money to pay for that fee. I hope that my parents can give me money this week. I hope that my allowance from my scholarship will be released. Yes, I’m a scholar student but my allowance is always late. It’s never comes on time whenever I need it. I just hope I can have money now. I hope that God can resolve and provide all my needs. I know that God will pour out His blessings.
The only thing that I can do is believe and it shall be given. God Bless everyone.

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