Friday, March 6, 2009

Savings for my Prom

Finally our JS Prom was scheduled. IT will be on March 21, 2006. Though, I can’t afford to dress well during this special day but I’m still looking forward for to look good during that night. This will be my first time to attend a JS prom so I’m a little bit nervous about that event. Beth and I are very excited for this. I just hope that I can have extra expenses for my new dress to wear.
I hope you could help me up in with all those stuffs- the dress, shoes, make-up. I know that God will provide me with all my needs today. I just wish that God will use you to bless me. (I’m just kidding). See you friends. I’m going to study my lessons in advance- to avoid worrying for our prom. Financially, I’m in need. I have to save money for these expenses.

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