Friday, March 6, 2009

My Skirt Outfit

Tomorrow, I’m planning to go shopping with my sister. We’ve been always planning to buy some new skirt. Yes, I do really want to buy different skirt because we have no more outfits to wear every time we’ll go to church every Sunday. Yes, do really want to wear skirt. I want to wear my best every time I go to church. It is more pleasing to God when you are in your best- in your dress and most especially you have your best heart of worship. There’s nothing wrong if you become totally conscious on hoe you look, but make sure it won’t hinder you to worship God. So, time to shop.
Well, time to search at the net for the best outfit. It’s been always be my favorite hangout place is our computer. I always look for different ideas and designs and luckily, internet can offer the best. Actually I was attracted with this wonderful skirt I just found when I browse the net. It’s an AE American Eagle pencil skirt style which is my desired style ever since. Well something’s like it caught up my interest to buy it.
I just wish that I could have done better in my blog so that I can afford to buy all those stuffs that I can find in the net. God Bless.

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