Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can I Launch a Facebook?

Hello, friends and co-bloggers. Maybe it’s a little bit exciting for me today. I’ve been thinking of a better idea on how to make my site more exciting and more interesting. I just come up with a new idea and I want to share it to you. I want to launch a new post category where in I can have a so-called “facebook”. From the word itself, it is some kind of a post where I will feature a face every week. Because I believed that people just come and go and I want to leave a remarkable post for them. Who knows… your face will be feature in my site. Of course, I’ll ask your permission first.
I hope that it will do well. I know and I’m not sure whether it’s good or bad, so I need your comments and suggestions. I hope that I can hear a good one from you. Because all I want, is to come up for a best idea for my post and for my visitors and regular droppers. I just wish that I could come up with the good one.
Keep going everyone.

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