Friday, March 6, 2009

Moving On

I know how it feels whenever I think of the times of my childhood days. I was eight years old when my family decided to move to our grandmother’s residential lot. Now, we were living at the back of our grandmother’s house. And today I’m already nineteen years old. Tough that was long time ago, but I can still feel the feelings of leaving the place where all your childhood memories are made. The emotional feelings were there- sadness, excitement and stress. Why stress? Well that was really terrible, because all our things were on one truck and all of them are swerving. And we have to find another truck for our dog and all of my playmates are crying. Seeing that scenario, I can probably say I don’t want the essence of moving… moving out from point A to point B.
Now a days, it is much even luckier for those who want to move because it is easier to move. There are a trusted Moving Company who’ll going to help you up. It will surely make you feel comfortable. From company personnel- the CEO, movers down to the drivers- who will assist you and safely handle all your belongings. Surely it will give you a comfortable feeling in moving. You will feel secure when you travel.
Actually, I reminiscing all those things because I just feel like going back at my childhood time… to bring out the memories that I’ve been treasuring till this time. Growing up is big responsibility to me. I just wish to go back on my childhood when all I want to do is play.
God bless everyone.

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