Monday, March 9, 2009

Helping a Friend

My friend Nikka had started to make her own blog. Today, she’s busy posting for her new blog. Well as usual, I have to look after and do some advices for her to be successful as I am. We cannot deny the fact that before I start blogging, I was helped and advice by my cousin Mark, so here I am today, trying to help my friend Nikka.
The first thing we did, we search for the best web hosting site for your blog. And it is much easier for me because we visited webhosting geeks are there to help you. Now that we had a new site for her, all we have to do is update it and search for another directories and feeds. Then, it will surely increase the blog traffic. I hope that this week, we could have done some entrecard application. I’m pretty sure that the web host site will also keep our blog successful.
I hope that simple help will be a big help for her. Keep going everyone.

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