Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Feel at Home

I was so busy today. I can’t help but to wish to rest for the whole day. How I wish I could bring our house with me so that I could have rest whenever I want to. But that’s life, I have to do all my schedules for the day and go home- tired and sleepy. That’s why I wish to have a movable house. I keep on wishing on it.
When I heard about car trailer from our pastor, I was little bit curious about it. She told us about her experiences when she stayed in America for how many months. She was so excited to tell that she lived in a trailer truck. Sounds so exciting for me because I love do unusual things. Where ever she goes, she brings it. The trailer has different appliances, a little room, and bath room. It is really a moving house. It is really great experience for her.
Now, for me, trailer truck is really cool. If you wish to have unusual experience like our pastor, you’ve better start look for car trailer for sale. It sounds so exciting for me and for you.

God bless.

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