Friday, March 27, 2009

Halo-halo Special

enjoying our halo-halo

Summer is here and it’s too hot in here. This is the best time to eat halo-halo- a combination of fruits, cream, milk, sugar, ice and my favorite leche flan. This is mostly perfect serving during summer
Lately, Beth and I, we went to Chowking just to have two serves of halo-halo. I thank God for this day. We all released all the stress from school and tomorrow we were planning to have an “ice cream” food trip. Have a happy day. Let’s all enjoy the summer. Keep in touch and keep going.


Rolly said...

I love halo-halo. I miss that and I hope I can have it soon.

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kcatwoman said...

hey i love halohalo too. pag naghihirap kami, petite lang. haha. so can relate

alf said...

wow, i'd love to have halo-halo. maybe we can go visit a filipino restaurant today and get that. btw, i have an award for you. hope you can grab it when you get time. take care.


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