Friday, March 27, 2009

Summer Sport

Okay, let’s talk about the things we both love- summer vacation. So what are your plans this summer? Me? I do really love to have a vacation break, but unfortunately, I can’t because of our OJT (on job training). Though, we will have an OJT but my classmates are very happy because they could play there favorite computer games.
I suggest they should find another leisure activity that is more healthy and fascinating. I suggest they should try paintballing. It’s a kind of sport that develops your self-esteem and courage. I watch it on TV and it’s an interpreting sport. They were equipped with paintball gear. I think that is one of the interesting sports to try this summer. If you think the equipment is so expensive, maybe you should try to visit one of its websites to check it out. Try
Have a happy summer everyone. Keep going.

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