Monday, March 16, 2009

My Time-plan

Finally the “exam week” is here. I have to be prepared. Well… what am I going to do now? Maybe let’s have little plan of my schedule.
I hope I could have coped up with this time-plan.

1. Tuesday schedule:
Exam for our Comp. Sci1- 7:30 A.M.
Class at 1:30- 3PM
Go home and review my lessons for CAD
Work for my projects at night (CAD and Corel Drawing)

2. Wednesday schedule:
Class in the morning till noon
Exam in Math- noon
Go home and review (again)
Review and finalize my projects- night

3. Thursday schedule:
Class, submission of projects and exam in our CAD- morning
Review for my other exam- afternoon

4. Friday schedule:
No class in the morning but I’ll work in our laboratory work at school- morning
Class at 1:30 PM
Review- evening

5. Saturday schedule:
Exam at 10:30
Laboratory work- afternoon
Young people service in our church- 5:30 PM

This is my reminders. Just to remind myself about this busy week. That’s how my life works. But wait, I think there’s something lacking in that schedule… I think I forgot to put the word “REST”.
God bless.

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