Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Corel Draw

Well… here it goes. What can you say? I know that it’s not that pretty good, but I’ve done my best so, I should be proud of it. So here what I've done...
Here is my final output for my project in Corel Drawing.T-shirt design . Though it’s not that satisfying, but it’s beautiful for me. I just submitted this project to our teacher and that's it. I’m so glad that my class is almost over. I can already smell the fragrance of summer bliss and wind remedy in my balcony… and do all the things I wish to do… drawing, painting, listening to music, baking and everything.

My Corel Drawing

A sample of a T-shirt Design

I just thank God for giving me strength till this time. I’m glad I survived.
Have a happy Thursday to all.

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