Friday, March 6, 2009

Save our Youth

When I heard the word youth, it is always accompanied with the words loneliness, depression peer pressure and disappointment. I can consider myself as youth. I’m eighteen years old and I agreed about the fact that youth really seeks for attention from others. They are weak in decision making and defeat. They are more on solitary mode, depression and pressure. Sometimes, youth are weak. Youth needs guidance from parents. They think that they know everything but honestly they were confused. They want to be in independent- to in there own but sometimes they’ll run at you and cry. They’ll try everything because they are curious. Youth seeks for happiness… they seek the real essence of life and when they can’t find it they just quietly bleed. That’s maybe the reason why there are a lot of youth who were involved in drug addiction, crime and suicidal activity. Too sad for them who finds the wrong answers to their confused mind and heart. They think that they already have the answer but they got the wrong one. Though youth are weak but they’re knees are still strong to stand after a down fall. They still have the long way to run, the power to fight and the courage to dream again. Save our youth. Don’t just give up on the young dreams.
I know that this is the most common scene of our today’s youth- addiction to drugs. But, as what I’ve said, youth are weak but they can still dream dreams. I’ve known a friend who was addicted to drugs but he’d overcome it. Now, he is an active member of the Christian fellowship. Please don’t give up to our youth. There are ways to help them not only those youth but all drug addicts. In a drug addiction, there is always a drug rehab as an option. Don’t just judge those drug addicts but help them. They minds may be dead but in there is life in their heart. Open the chance for intervention- to talk to them. Drug rehab center can perform drug detoxification and release the drug-addicts from the control of drugs.
Help our loved ones. Let’s establish a “dangerous drug- free youth”.
God bless everyone.

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