Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Close-wound Injury

Well, I was a little bit irritated about today’s event. Yes, I was so happy because my auntie celebrated her birthday today but I was somewhat disgusted about my injury I’ve got from that celebration. We really had a good time with my cousins. We dance all night at their house, the foods are really good and I do really love celebrations- especially birthday party. We keep on dancing while my cousin is busy taking picture on us. Maybe you were asking where I got my injury… well, when my cousin took us some picture, they decided to jump- for that pose. So, they jump then suddenly, one of my uncle’s helper jump-up at my back and I was really hurt. So I slap him and poke him by my hand. And my hand was really hurt. I think I got a close-wound injury plus my back was hurt. This time I can feel the back pain.
I just hope to be well.

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