Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Pain-free Sunday

In the whole week I keep on working for my projects at school. Though, we were not done yet and the classes will end this week, but we still not loose our hope and faith to finish the task. We were four in the group and I think all for us did our best, but it’s just it seems that we cannot cope up with the project. It’s a little bit harder and we were all stressed and weak. My body seems to be robot without feeling the pain until this morning. Today is Sunday and I woke up late because of that body pain and muscle pain I felt from last weeks work. Usually back pain- from my back, until to my toes. I just hope I could find a solution for this pain.
I just got struck with this phrase I’ve seen from the web. It goes like this “Having problems with pain?” because I do really have pain problems. I’m a college student, but still I need to take pain relievers just to ease the pain I got in working with my projects. Many had tested and proven tramadol as a pain relief drug. It’s okay for me to work hard, as long as I will be given a pain reliever.LOL. For those who are interested about this post, there are many places that you can buy tramadol.
Keep going. Have a pain-free Sunday and spend time to go to church. God bless.

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