Saturday, March 21, 2009

Our Wacky, Dopey Ideas

Imagine a College student doing this foolishness.

Well… it’s just that we were bored sometimes. I don’t know how, but in some point in time, I can always have great time when we were with each other. (we were bored yet we can still find time to release those boredom). I know, somehow, we enjoy each other’s company. This is what we usually do with my closest friend Beth. Most of the time we’ve been together- as friends and we never miss any single day that we won’t do any crazy thing.
Beth is one of my closest friends at school and we usually took pictures every event and memories in my life. I just want to have a good time this time. I love to be here. This is a tree that is located in front of our college. And we usually climb-up here just for a minute to relax… reminisce and do “crazy idea”.
So, here I am today, trying to figure things out- in my foolish photos


WHITEShadow said...

It's nice to have true friends around. Enjoy and keep your good friends.

Bill said...

Nice pictures. It is good to have friends.You can never have enough

Jojoeland Admin said...

But be careful, True friends may break your heart into pieces.

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