Monday, March 16, 2009

Enhancing your Confidence

I forgot to eat my breakfast this morning. I cannot afford to do some makeover and look after my health and physical appearance. I was complaining with my thin body. I almost sleep late at night. Though I was conscious about my thinning body, my friend Beth was complaining because of her enlarging body. I just laugh at her because despite those stress and schedule… still, her body enlarges.
Maybe we have to talk for awhile about these matters, when we have fatty and sagging body sometimes it can really irritates us. I’ve seen in the web that there are people who try surgery to reduce there fats and lately I’ve read about Breast Reduction Surgery. I never thought that there are also women who’re complaining about this matter. Well, totally, enhancing your physical appearance can gain you more self-confidence. I think many women who wish for this type of enhancement will travel for a long distance just to have surgery.
Being happy and fulfilled, when we look into the mirror, can increase our confidence, so I never say “no” when it comes to beauty enhancement. We always have to be beautiful for ourselves and for God.

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