Sunday, March 29, 2009

Reading Session

This summer, my eagerness to read more books comes alive. Well, it’s just me who usually needs to read. I’m planning to purchase a membership card in book- rental shop located inside our school campus. Though, we will have an OJT (on job training) this summer but I still have to find some time to read. My mom usually told us before- when we were still young, but it is late for me to realize that. I’m so excited for my membership card.
But it’s been a month for me since time that I’ve promised myself to provide some eyeglasses in my eyes especially now that I’m planning to have a “reading session” this summer. This time I need to have reading eyeglasses because it is difficult for me to read small fonts of text. I jus hope that I could find discounted reading eyeglasses. Yes, I feel better now because has a lot of eyeglasses to choose from. I have to hurry now because summer is coming and I’ll start barrowing books next week. I just wish that I could have found a High-indexted Prescription Eyeglasses for dad. It is much better than conventional glasses. It is lesser in terms of materials used in glass.
I wish for a happy summer. I just hope that I could do a lot of things this summer. Keep going everyone. Keep in touch to God.

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