Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Eyes needs You

Good morning everyone. I hope you enjoy your night sleep. Me? Oh I really have bad eye today because I sleep late at night or should I say this morning? I’m really busy with my works so that I have I little time to sleep. And guess what? I need to wake up early today coz I need to go to school and start our class again. Huh! But before that I need to post something on my blog. I don’t want to leave my blog empty.
I look at the mirror today and something really troubles me a lot. You know what? My eyes are really disgusting. I got some eye bugs and what is this, wrinkles? Oh I can’t really imagine myself going to school like this and face the crowd. Then suddenly I remember the eye creme of my mother. My mom says it’s the best eye creme so I hope it would really work. My mom never lies to me so I believe my mom. I also feel comfortable having this cream on my eye so I really hope I could get rid of this eye bugs and wrinkles. Oops, time to go to school. Happy blogging everyone!

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