Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Who told you its December?

They say that in the month of December is the best time for gift-giving. But I probably disagree on it. For me, everyday will be the best time for “gift-giving”. Let’s prove that everyday will be Christmas day. Let the joy and love of God flow in our hearts. God wants us to share our blessings. Those who are in “much” must come to realize to share to those who are in “less”. Let’s serve as an angel to those who loose hope. God wants us to be an instrument help those people who are in needs. Let’s shed our light to those who can’t find there way.

I see street children begging for food, homeless and hopeless and I feel blessed but guilty at the same time because I cannot do something good to ease there hardship. But we can always make a change. We can always do gift-giving even if it’s not Christmas. We can always do charity works. I was amazed to see this site carangel.com. It is where people who have kind heart may donate for charity. I was amazed because there is some Donate Boat and some do Car Donations. It is for a cause. It can help orphans and youth who almost loose hope. This will serve as a fund for there books, Free DVDs for Kids, books and educational purposes.

All of us have the chance to donate in a simple way. Let’s help each other. All of us can be an angel as long as you give from your heart.

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Steve Borgman said...

This is really a great post. I can identify with the feelings of guilt when I see people who have nothing. However, I should not let that guilt paralyze me. I can give in many ways, even if those ways are not saving the whole world, they are giving a cup of cold water to one at a time.

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