Thursday, April 9, 2009

Facebook of the Week (2): Marinete

At first, I was confused who will I feature in my week (2 ) facebook. But then, I've come up for this week’s persona, here’s Marinete . She was my classmate in college. Actually, I feel sorry because I misinterpreted her. She’s outspoken, loud, shallow, talkative, and tactless. She speaks what’s in her mind even she offended someone. That’s maybe the reason why I was always irritated in her voice.

As days pass by… as we work together in our project I’ve known her better. As she opened her book of life to me, I’ve learned that she’s deep. She’s deeply committed to her studies. They’re broke. Financially she cannot go to school but emotionally she did. With her will to study, she made it and she’s now all the way to her success and hope for the future. Her father forced her to stop too but she pursues more. When she saw her family unwell and her brothers lose there hope- pressure of the society and drugs- it keeps her heart fighting.

She wants to graduate but her failing grades were on the way. She wants to win her family back… the family who stays together and support each others dream. As she cried out to me, I know she’s deep. I know there’s a thorn in her heart that keeps hurting her every time she’ll breathe. I feel her pain and sacrifices. I can feel her tears that speak how much she’s hurting.

I just wish she’ll get over it. I want to give her the courage and that’s what I’m doing. I just wish that she could fight for the best. I’ll always be here for her. I consider her as a new found friend, that’s why she deserved to be in my week # 2 facebook.
Keep going.

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Tattibau said...

Caring and loving are two noble deeds that come from the heart. I am sure she will overcome her ordeal having such a nice person by her side. Keep it up.

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