Monday, April 13, 2009

Pink and Silky Burberry Dress

Hi everyone. How’s your week? Well I had a fine weekend and I want to share it with you. I’m glad because, during weekend, I had a great time to have a fellowship with my church mates. We went, together with my sister, to church last Saturday and Sunday. Again, I was blessed with God’s word. His words make me more mature as a Christian. I thank God for every good things and good gifts that He gave to me.
Speaking of good things, I had bought my new Sunday’s dress- well just for a change and a new look for me this summer. We have to look good and feel beautiful every day. Ladies usually do this. If we could find the best things or dresses that suits for us, there’s nothing wrong to have it. As long as you didn’t do the wrong thing just to have it.
Since it is summer, I’ll show you the perfect dress that surely suits for you in every occasion.

This pink-silk Burberry dress is just right for your style. I do really love its design and it’s perfect for Sunday’s dress and for any casual occasions. I know ladies want to look elegant and stylish all the time. I just hope that I could have one of this fashionable silky burberry dress. How about you?
Keep going and always make yourself beautiful in the eyes of people and most especially in the eyes of God. God bless and keep going.

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Tey said...

lovely dress you got there. Thankds for the visit and sharing this post
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