Monday, April 6, 2009

Bounded by Debt?

I was planning to have a movie marathon today but our remote control for our DVD player was busted. My sister really insisted to watch a movie so we watch a movie at our computer desktop. We watched the movie “Shopaholic”. The main character was shopaholic and she continued spending her money even she had a lot of unpaid credits in her credit cards. The movie was really nice and it really reflects the life, not just the Americans but to the people who were involved in credits cards and debts.

How to eliminate debt? Let’s start within ourselves. Minimize the “wants” and stop spending too much money. And if you’re bound with unpaid debts, then try debt management. Try to find a specialist and company who will help you to do debt settlement, debt counseling, debt and consolidation. That’s why internet offers you different website like that will surely help you in debt elimination. It also gives you tips on how to get rid of debt by giving different tips and debt management plans.

People have needs and wants. The main reason why people experienced economic crisis is because of the debts of the people. The economy is in crisis and there are people were bounded to unpaid credit cards and debt. And the hope and change will start within us. God blessed to supply our needs and knowledge to manage it, that’s why we should make use of it properly.
Happy holiday everyone


Neil1203 said...


I couldn't agree more with the idea of cutting down on wants. The long-term misery of debt is too higher price to pay for owning the latest gadgets.

People that are in debt should make sure that they get their debt advice free and plan their way out of debt.


sem724 said...

This is a very nice post. I agree to it. Nice tips on dealing with debts. thanks for sharing.
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