Thursday, April 2, 2009

Finding True Love

Finding oneself is hard to do. But finding someone to be loved is the hardest thing- to find the right person that you feel comfortable to be with. We have to know ourselves first- the real you- before you can say… “This is the one”.
Sometimes, in life, we find some discomfort from the company of others. Think of yourself when you live a life trying to harmonize with someone, are you happy? If yes, then go for it. This will be the right one for you.
We find our fate and destiny in every corners of this world. We try to find it at school, at the office where you work or even at the net- Goth Dating to be precise. This is the place where you can find yourself and the person who is inline to your personality. And above everything, it should inline to God’s will.
Keep going. Be happy in love.

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