Friday, April 3, 2009

Trading Card Games

It’s been a while now since the time I started to relax. I was glad for the improvement of my time schedule. I can already sit down, relax and nothing to worry. I was a little bit how I wish that I could be like my sister Marilou who has nothing to think about. She didn’t worry of anything. She can do all she want. I wish to sleep, play, relax and reminisce.
But now, I’m little bit guilty. I’m guilty in for restricting her in playing computer games. I put password in the computer so that she wouldn’t be able to open it. I just couldn’t take to see her playing. I don’t know why….
Maybe I don’t have to be so strict on her next time. I wish that I could have play with her this vacation break. She loves anime games. Maybe this will be my peace offering on her. I found the net a new game. I’ll plan to bond with her by playing herobits, not he usual computer games, but it’s a trading card games. The rule of the game is to eliminate the opponent's Herobit's character. Start to learn the game. For sure you will love it.

I just hope that we will both the weekend playing together. For sure she will love it. because we both love anime characters.
Keep going everyone.

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