Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Let's TEST your IQ

Hello friends. Let's have fun today. Here's an IQ test for you. I hope you’ll participate.

Start here.

“If tomorrow is Thursday and before Wednesday is yesterday and after yesterday is today, what is tomorrow after yesterday"?

If you know the answer, don’t hesitate to comment in this post. This IQ test will last for 5 days. So, I’ll wait for your answer. After this, answer will be revealed and all your comments will be approved. Let’s see who got it right. So, keep in touch.

Keep going and have fun.

- The answer is Wednesday-
Thanks for your answers...


Raymond said...


punky said...

thursday??!!! hehehe..

Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...

This is confusing but im giving it a try. My answer is Thursday.

irul said...

blogwalking today with this lovely smile to you :)
have a gorgeous day :)

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