Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Dream Profession

All were set. Yeah right, I’m too excited yet nervous for my OJT this summer. This will be on the 13th of April. I have to prepare for my proper attire for my first day on my job training. I’ll be working in a dean’s office. Though we were told to work in a plant or any industrial company but I choose to work in an office. For me this is considered as an opportunity and job training for me. I’ll be working with the teachers and faculty. I’m excited to work in an air-conditioned room with Steelcase Furniture. I cannot imagine how I will look like working in that office. Aside from teaching, working in an office was my dream job- what ever profession it is as long as I’m in the office.LOL.
There are times, when I visit my uncle’s working place, seeing his beautiful Steelcase Furniture in his office, I used to imagine myself working in that kind of setting. Oh, I love it especially when I answer the phone and do some computer works. For me, if I’ll be a teacher soon, I’ll make my bed room just like an office. I’ll set up my office desk, task chair and everything that makes me feels like I’m doing my dream professions.
It looks like I’ve come up with the bright idea.

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sem724 said...

Very nice of you to share your dream Job. Great post. Good luck on your career. Nothing Impossible if you believe in it and believe in your self.
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