Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bloggers Inc.,

Let me introduce to you the blogger’s company… LOL. I was just amazed on how our “blogger’s tree” was formed.
Marky was the founder. Actually he was the first one who tried blogging. In my whole life, I never knew this thing called “blog” until he introduced this word to me… not just the word “blog” but “blogging” itself. I know deep in inside there is something in it that awakens my passion- finding oneself and expressing ones emotion through art- the art of expressing and writing.

After me, everyone follows… First, my friend Nikka became interested in it. Well, I’m glad she was inspired by me… and then, my cousin ate mayang realized that she can be a blogger and a teacher- actually teaching is her profession. Being encouraged by us, my cousin Micah and my uncle a.k.a. Joyce got the idea and they're interested to try it.

Bloggers Inc.,

Here we are… a happy family of bloggers. I just wish everyone’s luck… to bring out the best in us and to make a change. Always remember that we, bloggers, should blog from our deepest us… always blog from the heart.
Because every words and thoughts you’ve shared to the world could always make a difference: either for good or for worse. (just make sure that you'll make we are in the right track).

Keep going everyone. Happy blogging.


halo-halo espesyal said...

happy blogging ya all!!! said...

Am happy for you guys! And now you have your blogging tree! great!

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