Monday, April 6, 2009

Reminiscing my First Love

They say, there no best place like home. I mean the “literal” one. For me, the house is my best hang out place. I usually stay at home whenever we don’t have classes or if it is summer break. That’s why I’m always at home now because summer break is coming.
Before I started blogging, drawing is my favorite hobby. Drawing is my life… it is my self- expression… my passion and my company. But this time, I cannot find myself doing it again. Maybe that’s the reason why our patio was not totally lively at all. Before, whenever I draw my master piece, I usually stay at our patio and then I’ll start drawing. It is so peaceful and beautiful. Every day, that’s what I always do. The place, like our patio, keeps me motivated. And my paintings keep me lively.
When I saw the Patio Furniture House Site, I remember “first love”-which is drawing. I like to visit this site because I can find different patio chairs which you will also surely love. I know some of us were willing to pay much just to have furniture for the place where they can relax, but this time, you can find discount patio furniture. It was well designed and properly made just right for you. if you are interested, there are a lot more of patio furniture for sale.
Maybe, I’ll spend some time also to renovate our patio, and bring back my very first love… working with arts and painting.
God bless everyone and keep going.

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